of the hotel Cerny Slon

Restaurant on the ground floor of our hotel is just a few steps from the Old Town Square.

Cold appetizers

70g Smoked Prague ham and apple-horseradish, chilled plum sauce, butter 100,-
70g Homemade game paté and mushrooms, forest fruit sauce 100,-
90g Smoked salmon and red caviar, argula, toasty 290,-



0,2l Strong bullion of beef tail and chunks meat, noodles and vegetables 60,-
0,2l Today´s soup 70,-


Warm appetizers

100g Homemade potato pancake and smoked meat, cabbage and garlic dip 145,-


Fishes, poultry, venison

Grilled chicken breast of corn fed chicken stuffed mascarpone cheese, Italian ham, fresh basil, vegetable couscous 310,-
A roasted fillet of brown trout and green asparagus, holladaise sauce and baby potatoes 330,-
200g Venison ragout on wine and mushrooms, potato pancakes 340,-
A leg of lamb in herbs spinach, roasted potatoes 360,-


Meatless food

350g Spaghetti „Aglio e Olio“ 220,-
Roasted „Halloumi“ Greek cheese and avocado, grilled vegetables 270,-


Czech specialties

Spicy beef goulash and fresh onions with pappers, bacon dumplings 290,-
200g Sirloin in cream sauce, cranberries, bread dumplings 290,-
 –  Roasted pork knuckle and horseradish mustard, mashed potatoes with cabbage 310,-
Traditional Prague roasting pan, / smoked pork, duck, pork, sausage /, red and white cabbage, variation of dumplings 450,-
 –  A half of boneless roasted duck, red cabbage, potato dumplings, in a roasting pan 470,-


Dishes prepared on the pan and grill

Grilled pork tenderloin tasted in pepper, chilli sauce, mashed potatoes 330,-
Mixed grill, / pork, beef, chicken, bacon / french fries, roasted fresh vegetables 410,-
Beefsteak prepared by your choice, cream-pepper sauce, grean beans sautéed and bacon, french fries 490,-


Side dishes

150g Warm vegetables and butter 80,-
200g Grilled vegetables and medicinal herbs / eggplant, zucchini, peppers / 110,-



200g Fresh vegetable salad 170,-
300g Caesar salad and grilled chicken, parmesan cheese 250,-
300g Vegetable salad and smoked salmon, honey mustard dressing 270,-


Cheese and desserts

 –  Warm apple strudel and vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, fresh mint 100,-
Pancakes wrapped in cinnamon, chunky plum jam, sour cream 120,-
 –  Vanilla ice cream and bluberrys eggnog, whipped cream 120,-
100g Variety of Czech cheese plate, nut, fresh butter, grape wine 150,-