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Hotel Černý Slon in Prague

According to some historical sources, Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV was born in the neighboring house. And so it is not so surprising that walls of our hotel building have witnessed visits of historicaly significant persons such as Tycho Brahe, Mr. Vaclav Havel and Mrs. Albright.


House at Black Elephant

The house U Cerneho Slona was built according to historical records of Prague Municipality in the period 1330 – 1340 in the Gothic style. PRAGUE’S RARITY IS THE ORIGINAL ROOF TRUSS, which has been preserved in its original state. Very well maintained is also the original wall around the door of the hotel.

Restaurant and bar

Restaurant on the ground floor of our hotel is just a few steps from the Old Town Square. BEAUTIFUL GOTHIC VAULT FROM THE 14TH CENTURY, which is right in the restaurant, witnessed visits of many celebrities and became popular place of President Václav Havel.

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Attractions in the surroundings

Karlštejn Castle, a Gothic gem southwest of Prague, was built in 1348 by Charles IV to preserve the precious crown jewels. At Karlštejn Castle you can explore not only the Czech crown jewels but also the collection of holy relics.

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