Carte de vines
del hotel Černý Slon (El elefante negro)

El restaurante en la planta baja, igual que el hotel, se encuentra a unos metros de distancia de la plaza de la Ciudad Vieja.


0,75 l HIBERNAL 530,-

Late harvest, semiarid

The color of this exceptional wine is yellow with golden reflections. In a very beautiful and captivating scent is dominated by tropical fruits, particularly mango, pineapple and citrus. The taste is excellent and meets all you promised at the beginning of smell. We can fully enjoy the fruity flavor of citrus fruits combined with hints of ripe peaches.

0,75 l CHARDONNAY 530,-

Late harvest, dry

Exclusive full wine from a ripened grapes – yellow color with green reflections. In the strong scent of fresh ripe banana will find on the composition of tropical fruits. The overall impression of this extraordinary wine highlights the delicate sweet after taste. 

0,75 l MÜLLER THURGAU 530,-

Late harvest, dry

The wine has a pale greenish-yellow color. Bouquet is fruity, unassuming, we find a soft golden tones that are moving into the scent of ripe citrus and honey. The taste of wine is very delicate and harmonious, it is fresh and pleasant to drink.

0,75 l RYZLINK VLAŠSKÝ 530,-

Late harvest, dry

The wine has light green color. The aroma starts with mixture of tropic fruits then is going to fresh picked peach and vernal elderberry.

0,75 l RYZLINK RÝNSKÝ 530,-

Late harvest, dry

The wine has a greenish-yellow color with golden hues. In the intense and pleasant aroma can find a clean fruity aroma, with a dominant element of linden honey. The taste is full with pleasant residual sugar and soft acid.



Late harvest, dry

The color of the wine is light pink with orange highlights, like thinly sliced salmon. The wine has a fresh fruity smell like freshly torn leaves of strawberry and raspberry. The taste is very consistent, reminiscent of raspberry lemonade.


0,75 l ANDRÉ 530,-

Late harvest, dry

Wine dark ruby color with purple undertones. Well-matured grapes produce very strong Bouquet with aromas of raisins, cherries and plums. The taste is full of very long, fruity with cherries, plums and forest fruits, accompanied by pleasant tannins.


Late harvest, dry

Wine at first glance to attract a deep purple ruby color with garnet reflections. The aroma is full and heavy. We find in it traces of blackberry, black currant and berry jam. Attract composition of canned fruit with hints of dark chocolate and dried sloes.

0,75 l MERLOT 530,-

Late harvest, dry

Wine with intense garnet color. In the aroma blond tones spring blooming meadows, red peppers and cherry compote. The wine is very soft, velvety with lower acidity, flavor reminiscent of ripe cherries.

0,75 l ZWEIGELTREBE 530,-

Late harvest, dry

The wine has ruby color with purple reflections. The combination of reduced harvest ripened grapes and excellent track creates a very distinctive scent, which combines the flavor of cherries, blueberries and black currant.

Wines by the glass

0,2 l White wine – Veltlínské zelené Baloun 80,-
0,2 l Rose wine – Zweigeltrebe Baloun 80,-
0,2 l Red wine – Cabernet Moravia Baloun 80,-

Italian white wine

0,75 l Chardonnay, Trentino 630,-
0,75 l Pinot Grigio, Trentino 670,-
0,75 l Sauvignon Blanc, Trentino 720,-

Italian red wine

0,75 l Bardolino Classico 550,-
0,75 l Nero D´Avola O’ FEO 630,-
0,75 l Chianti Classico 950,-
0,75 l Montepulciano Abruzzo 950,-
0,75 l Papale Oro Primitivo Puglia 630,-

French red wine

0,75 l Bordeaux 630,-

Sparkling wines and champagne

0,15 l Bohemia Sekt 100,-
0,375 l Bohemia Sekt 250,-
0,75 l Bohemia Sekt Brut, Demi Sec 500,-
0,15 l Prosecco 100,-
0,75 l Prosecco Trevisio 500,-
0,75 l Vueve Clicquot Brut 1990,-